Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Week in Hawaii

I have given myself a lot of projects recently. I may have already talked about digitizing all of the old family movies, but this is just one of a number of projects that I have. I am also interviewing all of my grandparents and having them tell me their life story and scanning all of my mother's photos. Interviewing the grandparents is fun and entertaining. I get to spend time with some of my favorite people and have an excuse to ask them questions about their life. Scanning photos, on the other hand, is torture. But both projects need to be done in a timely manner. The photos are half faded already.

This is one of those blog posts that mostly consists of beautiful pictures since, by now, I have little recollection of what I did a week ago.

Here I am showing the movies that I digitized.
Vanessa during our snorkeling adventure.
It turns out my camera is REALLY water proof! Folks, if you want a good, small reliable, waterproof point and shoot camera for around $300 I recommend the Pentax Optio WPi.
I forget what these are called. Some sort of sea urchin.
Nick at our private graduation celebration last week Thursday. He was a little sick from all the shots he had earlier in the week. Yellow Fever and Japanese Encephalitis, he said. I think vodka. Ha ha. Kidding.
Beautiful strawberry.
My dad on his cell phone in the Kayak.
What I see when I Kayak. I always curl my toes when Kayaking, for some reason.
More reef.
Our neighbors, the Tang family.
Me, underwater.
Mangoes. Our tree is packed with mangoes this year, but they are not quite ripe yet. There must be 100 mangoes on it.
Nick underwater.
Grandpa Clay during his interview. I interviewed Grandma Mary the day before.
Oh, so here is a story. Yesterday, Grandma and Grandpa took me out to lunch.
Here is Grandma deciding on her meal. As it turned out, we all got the same item.
Afterwards, we went to the Shave Ice shop and got Shave Ice (かきごり).
And ate it.
It was fun.

So, last picture. Here is the Honu that was sleeping on our beach yesterday at sunset. Dad and I managed to put the Kayaks in the water and take them out half an hour later without waking the Honu.

I'll be back in California starting tomorrow. Next post: Napa with the girls.


Olivia said...

The strawberry picture is amazing. I love your photographs!

Trenton said...

Thanks, Oliva. Actually, that is the low quality copy, you should see the full resolution version!

Thanks for reading the blog, by the way!

Mom said...

Hey, I didn't know you had time to post while you were in Hawaii since you were so busy. Does this mean we could have digitized more photos?


Trenton said...


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