Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Week I Graduated for Real

And as a result my schedule was full. Sorry if this post seems brief. I had a lot to say to the people in these pictures, but retelling the various ways in which I tried to convey that I loved them would take a really long time.

Monday was my farewell dinner with Grace, Sohyun, Lindsey and Keiko. I will really, really miss giving them tours of California and just hanging out with them in general. They all became such good friends. I am already planning a trip to Korea to visit all of my Korean friends. And hopefully Keiko and I will get to spend a lot more time together in Japan.
Tuesday I drove down to San Francisco to pick up Ryan, and then drove to San Jose to have dinner with Lisa, who was in town on business.
This is the part where I taught Ryan not to jump on the bed while taking pictures of us. Hee hee.
Me and my cousins.
Wednesday was dinner with Professor Roddy and Diane. Went to the Mustard Seed, a fantastic recommendation. Played in the Telephone booth before they came...
And posed next to it when we were leaving. I am very pleased that my parents were finally able to meet them since I have spent so much time talking about them.
David also came up and stayed this week. He showed me his award-winning film and helped me chop through some of my own writers block.
Thursday night was dinner with Sakakibara Sensei and Jonathan. Here is a photo of my Mom that is so good I had to publish it.
Our Thursday night dinner party. We went to "Lemon Grass" in Sacramento. Also fabulous. Sakakibara Sensei's family and our family have a relationship that goes back three generations, and we didn't even realize it until recently. Sakakibara Sensei mentioned that she might be going to Japan in September, so we'll see if we can meet up over there.
Kira took me out to dinner on Friday.
And then we went around campus taking all of the photos I had always wanted to take with the UC Davis sculptures. This is me pretending to be Gollum.
Saturday morning was graduation. Here is me with the other Medieval Studies majors: Tom, Anselm (who customized his robes to make them look like authentic Scottish Highland clothing), Greg and Sharon. Later, Bethany, who is a minor but walked with us because she has been in so many classes with us, joined our group.
Me, before our sign. It has been a wonderful major. We wanted to use the sign as a banner, but the officials wouldn't let us. Oh, somehow I ended up as the Student Marshal.
The ceremony. Boring. Thousands of people to get through. Felt like they were taking roll. Here is my name.
Post walk. Very bored, so I started to take pictures of myself.
Me, sister, parents and grandparents after the ceremony.
So, after that hectic but pleasant week, Bryn, Rick and I headed up to Calistoga to join the rest of the family for dinner on Saturday night. Played in the pool.
Rick with Chickee.
Bacci and the Ball.
Josh playing Marco Polo with Luccina and Vincenzo.
Underwater photography in the hot tub.
Bryn underwater.
The cake (which was good, despite the frosting). Definitely better than the cake Grandma brought, which was moldy.
Me, trying to improve the cake.
Movie after dinner. Rick shoots a great look.
Sunday was Father's Day. I woke up my dad at 6:30 to give him this.
Hee hee. I wonder if he got the joke. You see, I loved to play with flashlights as a kid, so dad always blamed me when the flashlights went dead. As a result, my standard Father's Day gift is a flashlight. I thought this wrapping was ingenious, but it may have been too early in the morning.
Went to pond on Sunday morning, and once again met Louie the Snake.
Josh's splash.
Rick's dive.
Rick and Josh.
Bryn in the boat.
Oriana trying to put up a hanging chair.
She was didn't give up.
Kira and Dag.
Thank you, everyone.
You gave me a great week, and more.

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