Sunday, December 10, 2006

Crunch Time In Shibukawa

It is about to get wild over here. Have asked permission of the vice-principals of my schools to give presents to my students for Christmas. This means that, over the course of the next week I have to make 1,400 paper snowflakes. I am all prepared for the carpal tunnel syndrome. Why did I ask to give presents to all of my students? I love my job too much.

So, as a result of my preparations, I did not get very much adventuring done this week. But I did make a new friend. So last Wednesday I went to the Takasaki illumination festival with my new friend Yuri.
Here I am sleeping on a park bench in the middle of winter.
And here is the remains of Takasaki Castle, which I finally saw!
Anyway, next week's post will probably be just as short, since after all of the cutting I will be doing I will not be able to type for very long. Sorry!


Kira said...

Trenton pretty pictures, I can't wait to see you in christmas. I LOVE YOU


Mom said...

Sorry about the carpal tunnel. Sounds like you are having fun anyway.
Love Mom