Monday, March 05, 2007

Winter gave up, not me

My dear readers,

Yes, I am back after a two week absence. Trust me, I did not give up on the blog, it's just there has been nothing to report for two weeks. I went to Tokyo last weekend, but it was mostly because I had to. I have discovered that I don't really like Tokyo and I really only go if I want books or to see friends. Gunma is much more my pace than Tokyo.

Speaking of Gunma! Winter had it's final counter attack this last week, but seems to have finally slunk away in defeat. The Ume flowers are blooming and spring is, effectively, here. I have begun training again and have decided to enter another marathon (which, as I have stated before means "long race" in Japan). This time, in costume. It felt great to run again. So good that I ran to Gunma Soja, a full 11 kilometers away.
On the way, I also saw this. A chicken farm covered with lye to prevent bird flu. Nice.
I have also turned into a raging enviromentalist. Something in me snapped and I turned into a tree hugger. I have gone back to being a social meat-eater, but private vegetarian, and have started using my garbage to grow my own vegetables on my air conditioner (which I will not be using).
Fluffy by the way is doing well. Look and Fluffy's beautiful mushrooms!
But yes. I have big plans on the horizon, so please keep checking!


Mom said...

Wow, Fluffy is an awesome pet.

Love you

Rachel said...

I misses you! Just wanted to let you know that I am keeping up with your travels here and to apologize for not staying in touch as I should.

Jeff Caffery said...

Actually, I don't think Winter is QUITE through just yet. It appears to still be kicking. The plum blossoms are beautiful, though. I hope they aren't hurt by the cold. This Florida boy is defititely still feeling it, though.

And is it Fluffy, or Fuzzy? Let's get some consistency! ^_^