Monday, April 23, 2007

April 2007

This is a catch up blog. A ton of stuff happened, and I had almost finished a massive 5 page entry compleate with philosophical insights, when I accidentally selected and deleted all of my work, and then Blogger was nice enough to autosave. So, lots of stuff happend, and it was all way cooler this this entry makes it seems. For starters:

I went to Disney Sea.
With Yuri's friends.
It was cool.
I had a fantastic time.
The next weekend we went to the "Insect Forest", which is an insect zoo.
It was great.
We had fun.
Both of us.
Then this week I went to a BBQ on Saturday...
Bought another pet...
And then had a picnic in the park on Sunday.

And all of it was great, and deserves an individual blog entry, but I'll just have to try my best to remember so I can tell everybody in person.

By the way, I am comming to California on the 16th of June, will be staying for 5 days and want to see as many of you, my friends as possible. If you read this, please contact me and let me know your schedule.


Anonymous said...

love the outfit. Keep on posting

Trenton said...

You should see the one I can't put on the Internet!

Rachel said...


I will be in Davis when you visit and I have no other schedule except for the one you need me to follow so we can hang out and do...STUFF!


Trenton said...

Great! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Grandpa spent a great deal of time yesterday composing a very special comment but he lost it just before he finished.

We love your stories and look forward to more.

Love you