Friday, May 25, 2007

Miyogi-san, Motorcycles

Well, it seems I have not had enough of Annaka since I was back there again this last week. This time for hiking, not running. Miyogi is one of the famous mountains of Gunma, and a glance through these pictures will tell you why.
The whole mountain is like a natural castle. Some amazing erosion has taken place. In fact, it felt a lot like Guilin in southern China, but less crowded, less polluted and less touristy.
There were some really fun parts of the hike where the way up the mountain was to shuffle along a cliff while holding on to a chain.
And other parts where you used the chain to pull yourself up.
We didn't find our way to the top (stupidly we left the map in the car), but saw beautiful scenery regardless.
And ate Yokogawa-eki Kamameshi on the way back.
After the hike, Yuri, Kentaro, Hidechi, Sayaka and I went to see the motorcycle races in Isesaki. Everyone decided to make some bets "for fun" except me (since I didn't even know the word for odds in Japanese I would have been making totally random guesses).
My impression of motorcycle racing? Mostly boring, quite uncomfortable (adults are usually polite enough not to stare at me, but not at the track apparently, and absolutely filthy. I have no desire to go back, but it was a fun experience.
Tons of other stuff happened this week, but since it is all work related, none of it is going on the blog. Suffice to say that this week I made what could turn out to be major breakthroughs.


Anonymous said...

great shots! keep up the blog-in

Mom said...

I hope this frequent posting is going to be a regular event. Looks like a great place for a hike.
Love you

Bpna said...

あそぼあそぼ~ まさか帰ってこないとか(汗)

Bona said...

上…; Bona です-_-(汗
まちがえたの~ ;;