Monday, October 24, 2005

New Housemate

Well, mom and dad, you probably shouldn't read anymore of this post. Just leave the site now. I'm warning you.

So, I have a new housemate. But sadly, she doesn't pay rent. In fact she is a pest. Really. She's a rat.

As I walked into the garage last night I saw a rodent the size of a large squirrel, but with a tail of skin rather than fur, run up a metal wall and into my ceiling. Closer inspection revealed droppings in various locations throughout the garage. Great. Yesterday we removed anything that might be digestible by rodents from the garage. Today I bought a trap (The humane kind. The last thing I want is an injured or poisoned rat crawling somewhere inaccessible and dying, have you ever smelled dead rat?! It's terrible!). I have been eagerly anticipating catching her. Maybe it is about time that I got a pet cat?

Mom and Dad, if you are still reading I highly recommend that you stop right now.

I think she's living in your couch.


Mom said...

So the rat isn't really living in my couch, is it??


Trenton said...