Saturday, October 22, 2005

Very Full Week

So, this week finally ended. It was a very, very full week. Here is a list of what I did. Please note that I have left many things vague because they will likely be the subjects of later writings...which will be in purple.

Sunday: While researching English paper, discovered very depressing fact. Re-wrote Japanese speech for the first time (my first "speech" was a good story, but had no thesis, like much of my writing, and life). Did research for Thursday's discussion. Played a little of the "Star Wars" RPG that Diego runs.

Monday: Disocvered re-write of Japanese speech was no good either, started from scratch a third time. Ranted about racism in English class, but not well, since I was still emotional about the very depressing fact.

Tuesday: Did more research for my discussion, wrote tons of notes. Finished English paper. Class all day. Went and played basketball with Chih-I, one of my PAL partners.

Wednesday: Spent entire day beginning, and finishing, a 4 page research paper for my History of Science class. Except the times when I had to be a Roof Helper.

Thursday: Midterm in FST10. Paper is History class. Did 4 hours of preparation for my discussion. Had discussion (it went well, although, for the first part I was really nervous and I ended up using maybe 1/8th of my 9 pages of notes). Met cool people after discussion. Treated Kira to dinner on her birthday. Hung out with Kira until 10:40. Returned home to find that my house was being used to prepare for "Davis is Burning". Tried to help out, but failed.

Friday: Rewrote Japanese speech for the third time. Finally got it right. Took Sung-Eun, my other PAL partner, to the thrift store in Woodland, where we shopped for my costume for "Davis is Burning". Went home and helped Diego prepare for the show (he was the MC!). Lost track of cellphone. From 7:30 to 11:30 I served as one of the official camera people for "Davis is Burning". While leaving I heard a large group of rowdy people I did not know saying they had heard there was going to be a "kickin'" party at my house, which was news to me. I immediately went home, turned off all the lights, and watched several cars cruise at slow speed past my house. I was not pleased that this rumor began, but I may have given my roommates too much of an earful when they called and asked if they could bring a few people from the real party over to our place. Stayed up till 3:30 to apologize for slightly freaking out, but fell asleep before anyone got home.

Saturday: Woke up worried that I had ruined my roommates' evening. Went to work the Medieval Studies booth at Preview Day. Came home at 1pm, slept on the couch until 5pm. Wrote this entry.

So as you can see, it was quite a week. Next week is full also, but it cannot compare to this last one. I feel like I just drove over 7 speed bumps at 65 miles per hour.

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