Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Great Hawaiian Vacation Part 5 / Koki's Big Adventure

So, when I last left off it was New Years. I was very, very tired on New Years Eve Day, and I mostly slept the entire day, except for the part where Manabu and I got up early for Dawn Patrol. I even slept through the New Years Party, which my parents hosted, for the most part. I did set off some fireworks which I had purchased. The Morning Glories were quite weak, and every single one I got was a dud. Dad figured out the only way to make them look cool: use them by the fistful.
When we were done we burned the garbage on the driveway.
And that is how I spent the last part of 2005. The next day was, of course, the annual Wailea parade. I got up early to start my costume. This year I decided to go as a Yellow Tang.
Halfway through making my costume we went to brunch with Grandpa and Grandma D. It was then that Takaya's camera broke. After brunch we went back home, completed our costumes and went to the parade.
Here are Mom and Dad.
Our whole crew. Notice the yellow face paint on my skin. It took days to come out.
Koki and Takaya at the afterparty.
A fantastic sunset, if you ignore the other weird things.
The next day Manabu and Takaya left.
Koki and I went to the Hilton, then met the Family for lunch. Here are Grandpa and Lisa learning the sign language for "BULLSHIT!".
And here is the last picture I took with my old Nikon Coolpix-5700 before giving it over to Grandpa.
So the next day Koki and I left Hawaii. We had purchased him a ticket on from LAX to Sacramento the night before, and it just so happened that he would be joining me for the last leg of the trip. Everything looked good, but when I arrived in LAX there was no sign of Koki! I went to Sacramento and began to worry. After spending the next day searching for him, I finally located him this evening. He had been held up in line in LAX and had become stranded there. Quite an adventure for him. The story is more involved than that, but I really don't feel like telling it right now. I will start going to class tomorrow, even though classes started today.

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