Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Well, here I go. I am sitting in a chair on the 9th floor of the Westin St. Francis (the hotel where the UN was founded in 1945!!!) typing this, my final blog entry from the United States for some time. So I guess you are wondering how I feel. If you find my emotions, could you please mail them to me because I think I packed them already. I'm sure I'll find them when I unpack in Japan, though. For now, business mode has taken over. Speaking of business mode, I'm on Singapore Airlines flight 15 to Seoul and I'm staying at a place called the "Windflower Guesthouse". Well on to the story, or whatever. Mostly it will just be an explanation of my pictures, as always.

Here are Ralph and Diego, sitting on my massive wood-framed 1975 vintage California-king sized former water-bed. Only Ralph had both the nerve and the brawn (and the space) necessary to inherit this retro wonder. I wish him the best of luck with it.This is the part where Ralph, Deigo and I went to dinner at Cafe Italia.
And this was half-way through my last bike ride in Davis.
After visiting Grandpa.
Here is our dry rot in the bathroom in the Davis house. Good luck to Kira and Dad, who are going to be dealing with this.
Dad, Kira, My Head, Bryn and Diego.
Ok, finally, a story. So just as Diego was getting ready to go, after we had said goodbye and I was standing outside to watch him go, his car wouldn't start. Perhaps it was a sign...that Diego's car is on it's last leg. Ah, Diego. It will be strange not to live with him after 4 years of being his roommate.
This is the part where I flew with dad over to Angwin and nearly died. Scariest landing ever. Angwin makes Hong Kong's Kai Tak look like a kooshy marshmallow surrounded by whipped cream buildings.
My pink yogurt at the Bleecher's house.
This is the part where Josh, JR, Xavi and I went on a tour of the wineries. We played hacky sack and tried to get hack at every stop. Kind of worked well. Would have worked better if we had gone to more than two wineries. We needed the practice.
Then we went to the Sonoma County Fair and went on the Zipper!
Here are some characters looking cheerful.
Xavi wanted to drive to the Thai resturaunt we were going to after the fair, so we made him do a sobriety test before we let him get behind the wheel.
Ah, last Sunday we went down to Napa for Vincenzo's birthday. After an hour of piggy back rides, I mercifully stubbed my toe got to go in and hang out with the adults. Here is the cake.
Cenzo eating the cake. I am very grateful that I have been able to spend time with Luccina and Vincenzo so much this year.
Zio and Grandpa, in a picture that was taken by Vincenzo and edited by me. Don't they both look like they are going through very stressful times? Well, I think they are.
Here is me on Monday morning at Calistoga, sleeping with the dogs.
Dag's nose.
Here are my bags packed and ready to go. Getting these bags to Japan is going to suuuuck.
This rock wished me a safe journey.
This is the iPod vending machine in San Francisco. It really does exist! Too bad I'm not in the market.
So, we went to dinner on Tuesday night, and Ryan convinced the waitress that it was my birthday, so I got birthday cake almost a month early.

Alright, photos out of the way. Now, please keep reading, because I actually have something to say this time.

I love you all.

And that's all I have to say. See you in Korea!


sister said...

I love you buddy. Have fun and I'll miss you. I don't know what i am going to do in davis with out you. You have always been there if i needed you and such... I love you so much and look foreward to reading about your adventures

Anonymous said...

What do you mean it was a scary landing. You were able to walk away from it so that's a good landing.

Josh said...

you forgot oriana! she also went on the winery tour...

we love you too, trenton. glad to see you made it to korea, looking forward to more updates. but it is a shame i'll no longer be able to revel in photos of myself on your blog. guess we'll just have to come visit.

Trenton said...

Oriana did indeed come on the WInery tour, but she wasn't in that particular photo. Sorry Oriana!

Great to see that everybody is checking in!