Saturday, August 19, 2006

Made it to Japan

Hey everybody, I am in Japan with Manabu. We are off to the Azabu Juban Matsuri! Later!


you know who said...

Okay, we have to talk about something. Every time I get a new computer, or for whatever reason my bookmarks get erased, I have to type in your website. And, being the stickler for English grammar that I know you are, you can appreciate that if something is the "billionTH" voice, it is the "6TH" billionth voice, not the 6 billionth voice. I don't mention this to be my usual anal self, but because about every three months, without fail, I end up madly searching for 6thbillionthvoice, Blogger insists that no such site exists, at which point I start freaking out and searching for word combinations like "Drake Ralph Kira Diego Subaru Forrester UC Davis Roddy". (Incidentally, that search turns up nothing.) And then, after about 15 frantic minutes, and every possible mutation of the phrase, including mispellings, I finally make it 6thbillionthvoice. I guess it's too late to change it without screwing up everyone's bookmarks, but perhaps we should create a blog called "6thbillionthvoice" that has only one entry, and that entry should read, "David, you're being stupid again." . . . PS, just got back from Australia, lots of pictures.

Trenton said...

I wasn't aware of that particular grammar nuance, actually. I came up with the name for the following reason. There are billions of stories that can be told. 6 billion other people in the world. Each of them has a voice and a story. I am just one of them, the 6 billionth voice.

I made the other site as you requested, David. But if you want to raise your rank in the name count, it helps to leave your name.

David said...

Oh, wow. Actually, I wasn't really serious about creating that other site (the problem with written communication is that it is hard to convey irony or sarcasm) but I guess the world now contains a webpage entirely devoted to calling me a moron. It will no doubt stand me in good stead. I'll remember to leave me name to increase my count, though I'm not sure what happens if I do, and anyway, if there's a contest, I don't think there's any way I can beat your mom.

I'm looking into uploading my roughly 250 MB of pictures into a place where others can quickly download and browse, although by others I mean you, since you and I seem to be the only people I know who find looking at 1,000 travel photos interesting.

Trenton said...

I use a program called "winkflash". If you use Picasa it is a cinch.