Monday, September 11, 2006

A Very Eventful Walk

To start off, I had another fantastic day at preschool. But my back hurts from all the piggy back rides I gave. Preschool is great. It fills me with energy. In fact, today it filled me with so much energy that I decided to try to climb Mt. Haruna. I set off at about 5, which meant I had an hour and a half of daylight left. About 10 minutes into my run in began to rain very heavily. I ran at a very fast pace through pristine woods until I reached what looked like the end of the up hill. I saw a woman and a dog walking towards me, and I asked the woman where the summit of Haruna was. She thought for a while, then explained that I had 16 kilometers left to go. At that point I gave up for the day and walked with her down the hill. On the way down, a rang a gong at a Buddhist temple. The woman with me said it was for the health of my children.

I think the gong may have had a slightly diffrent function. Rather than protecting my children, it has given me one to protect. On the way home just as the rain was begining to pick up again, in the parking lot of a Pachinko parlor, I heard a strange sound. I looked down and saw a very wet, very young, and very thin kitten about to cross the wet and crowded street. Its mother was nowhere in sight. I grabbed it and kept it from crossing the street, put it in my shirt to keep it dry, and began to ask around in the area to see if anyone knew this kitten. So yes, long story short, I got soft and ended up with a cat. Crap.
I don't know anything about the ages of cats, but this kitten has clearly only had its eyes open for a week or so. It is still having trouble walking. And I get the feeling that its mother deserted it a while ago, because it just chowed down when I finally gave it some milk.
It is sacked out on me right now, which is why I am having trouble typing.
So, great. While I like cats, and I have always wanted one, this is really not the time. I can't afford the vet bills, cats aren't allowed in my appartment, and my place really would drive a cat insane. There is nothing for a cat to do in my appartment. Looks like I'll be taking some more cute pictures and trying to find it a home at school tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Don't get ringworm, and wash your hands. Cute pictures

Trenton said...

Yeah, my house was clean, I swear. And then the cat came. It is awefully cute, though. Right now it is sleeping on my shoulder.