Monday, July 04, 2005

How I Spent My Japanese July 4th

To begin with, a little disclaimer. In experiencing another culture, thing are not always, shall we say, PG.

So for fourth of July some friends and I headed down to the Tomato and Onion, the local american food resturant, to get some steaks and celebrate. The fact that a 4 ounce steak cost 15 dollars meant that we all got hamburgers instead. On a whole, I was not impressed with the hamburgers at the Tomato and Onion. They were overcooked, though admitedly, the tomatos and onions were delicious. After lunch Mary decided that she wanted to have one of the pins that read ``I love Tomatoni`` that the waitress was wearing, so I sucessfully negoicated in Japanese and got the manager to sell me one. I was quite proud of myself. I gave the pin to Mary.

We went to the store and walked around looking for a cheap umbrella since the rain had not let up. Among the intresting things I saw was the fact that the Nintendo DS has a japanese english dictionary program. I am going to research this further, and if it turns out to be true, then I might buy a DS, because unlike all the other dictionaries on the market, I can draw the Kanji that I need and it will look it up!

However, the higlight of the day was our visit to the Mens DVD store. Kari and Mary both really wanted to go, and the guys in the group were probably equally curious about what was inside a Japanese porn shop, though we were less vocal about this curiosity. It was very intresting. Inside was a normal store with videogames and toys (nonpornographic ones), which took up about half the floor space. But behind a curtin were huge celing high shelves bursting with Adult DVDs. They also had pornographic video games. To purchase the merchandise, you walked up to a screen that prevented the shop keeper form seeing your face so that you did not have to suffer the shame of being seen buying porn by a woman. Unfortunately for the single customer, who looked like he had just reached the appropriate age, we walked in to the adult section led by two girls, who arrived just in time to withness his moment of shame. Poor guy. I hope we didnt traumatize him.

However, while the layout of the shop was intresting, the content was largely not. I do wonder though, where do they find all the girls to act in these films? With the number of adult movies out there, I must have met somebody who has been in one.

The rest of the day was tame. Watched the Incredibles then Death to Smoochy. Then read and went to bed. And that was my day.


Anonymous said...

love the updates

David said...

Things are very hot in Miami. Be glad your dream is being lived in a place with somewhat more bearable weather!

It's too bad Borders didn't have such a screen. It can be awkward for the vendor, too!

Was Death to Smoochy any good? It looked like one those movies that somebody, at some point while it was being made, thought it was funny and by the time everyone realized it wasn't, they were halfway through the shoot. I know the feeling. That's why comedy is a lot harder than drama.

Trenton said...

The movie was funny at parts. I would not call it a funny movie in general though. How hot is hot exactly?

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHHAHAHA .... Sucker. So mean trent, so mean. HAHAHAHHA. But What a lot of reading for catchup..that took a while, not like i have anything better to do, but whatever =D. Hope your having plenny fun.

David said...

About 90, with humidity in the low to mid 80s, and more mosquitos than people.

You know, I was just thinking today in class that you would really love it. It's all the technical and practical knowledge that you find interesting in photography or roof helping in astronomy or even grading papers, plus a focus on artistic creativity, minus the BS that accompanies academia.