Thursday, July 21, 2005

Notice of Possible Absence

This may be my last day of internet access for a while, so don't worry if you don't hear from me. I think my school account may be closing down and the internet situation in Japan is terrible. Due to widespread use of cell-phones with limited internet access, true internet access in Japan is rare.

Anyway, if you dont hear from me for a while, here is where to look for me.

Saturday: Himeji (or Seta)
Sunday: Tokyo (or Nagoya)
After that: Tokyo... unless I decide to go somewhere else

In anycase, I fly in to Kona airport on August 3rd at 10:20 am on Aloha Airlines. Provided I don't run out of money (which it looks like I might), I'll be OK.

By the way, I learned yesterday that the baseball team thinks my Japanese is so good that when I enter the bath they now use code words and heavy duty slang to prevent me from understanding.


Anonymous said...

I will miss the postings. Have fun.

Anonymous said...

well what am I supposed to read now trenton? horrible. So when do you come back to CA?