Tuesday, July 12, 2005


So yesterday Mary, Kari, Brian, Ryan and I went to Zeze. Have you ever heard of Zeze? My guess is you haven't. It is a factory town on the edge of Lake Biwa. So there is not much to report. Lake Biwa was pretty dirty, but Mary wanted some of the water as a souvineer so she and I went to a hardware store to buy a bottle. The hardware store had Venus Flytraps! I was inspired, and I bought a chilli pepper plant to give to the girl I planned to ask to the festival.

Which brings us to the really intresting part of the day. I was so proud of myself. Two years ago I would have been to embarassed to invite a girl to the festival, but yesterday I did so with no problem...kind of. Calmly I walked up to Yoko and asked her if she wanted to go with me. She said she was busy, and I said I understood and asked if we could do something on Friday. She agreed. All was well...

Until at 1:00 AM Kari knocked on my door and told me that Yoko had said she did not have a date to the festival yet. "Huh." I replied, quite sleepy still. Clearly there had been some sort of miscommunication, probably due to the fact that we speak diffrent languages. Crap. Thus followed a rapid deflation of self-confidence. I would have to ask her out a second time. How embarassing.

Still, I did so this morning. After a very awkward explination, she replied in the affirmative. I guess you really have to be blunt with these sort of things. I also realized something else: no one has ever taught me about how to ask someone on a date in Japan. This is something I should learn for future refrence.

I'm out of time, see you.


Kira said...

you are adorable. i love you and miss you. We are going to have soooo much fun when you get home because we are going to go hiking and biking and stuff.YAY. I am glad to see that you are having fun there. Thanks for your phone call the other day. It was nice to hear from you. Take care buddy

-your favorite sister

Trenton said...

Yeah. Hawaii sounds nice. But I am not so sure I am adorable. Actually, I think I may have embarassed my date. I was told that the proper thing to do for festivals was to take a date, but I remain the only person to have asked someone to go with them. But I don't know to say "Don't worry, I just think you are nice and would be fun to hang out with" in Japanese.

Mom said...

Ann, Max and Julie were here for dinner this evening. Julie recommended a book entitled "Making out in Japanese". May help with the dating situation.
Love Mom

Trenton said...

Yeah, I have been consulting that book, mostly looking for swearwords.