Wednesday, September 14, 2005

San Diego Trip Concluded

Well, I made it back. Yesterday was nice. Visited with Lisa, and slept a lot. Had a great Indian food dinner with Lisa and Bobby. Then Kira and I set off on a car ride. Not much actually happened during this car ride. However, for some reason, my brain was working very well, and I thought very deeply about a lot of things.

But then I tried to find my way back to the freeway in San Francisco...

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Anonymous said...

wow. i went to san diego last summer at the exact same time, but i flew. unfortunately i did not get to visit the zoo. however, i did eat some great food. acqua al due is located in the gaslamp district and it is the sister restaurant of the original in florence. i must say, the cut of beef i devoured in florence greatly surpassed the one i received in san diego, but it was quite enjoyable nonetheless.

and yes, as a sf native, i must agree that finding a freeway entrance in sf is quite difficult. if you see an exit and miss it, it may take up to 30 minutes to find it again, thanks to NO LEFT TURN signs and one way streets.

i'm glad you had fun! sd is such a beautiful city. it has almost as much charm as much as my hometown. but not quite. =)