Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Still Uploading Tapes

Why did I think it was 32 hours of tape!? It is actually 53 hours! Fortunately 12 hours of that are Anime that I recorded off of television my senior year of high school and have no need to be transferred to my computer. But still. This project has become a little more than tedious.
Still, I'm glad I am doing it. Even if I never watch any of this video again, knowing that it still exists will be a comfort to me. And there are some really great moments. Like the one where I am filming Sean and Brian trying to make a cheesy looking fight scene and somehow I end up squirting Brian in the eye with ketchup. Or the movie about the 2000 election that Oriana, Nick, Kira and I made. Or the one with mom and Zia singing "Percolator Coffee". Or the serious one where I explain how much I love cross country running before the night of my final race. And lots of video of Shadow and Shasta.

Still, this is taking a long time and I am ready to be done. But once again, it's time to change the tape.


Trenton said...

Update: As of 6:30 pm I have finished my uploading of tapes. I think I will go eat some dinner now, and tomorow I will go somewhere and spend the entire day outside.

David said...

This reminds me of a movie I just saw, The Final Cut. It stars Robin Williams. If this were really like the film, you'd edit all this footage together into some meaningful short film.

Anonymous said...

hope you and kira connect

Trenton said...

You know, I was thinking of doing that, editing it all together into a meaningful sort of film. But whan you have been uploading videos for 45 or so hours over a course of 4 days you basicly never want to see any of the footage again. I am going through and extracting parts that I want as seperate files, but that is all I can handle. Not to mention, I discovered that Movie Maker becomes extreamely unstable if you try to splice together more than 50 clips. So unstable in fact that it makes the videocard on your computer freak out and the only way to fix it is to shut off the power to your computer. When you reboot it reads "Your computer has recovered from a CRITICAL FAILURE, please notify Microsoft Imeadately." So I don't think I will be using Movie Maker very much after this.