Monday, September 19, 2005

Why is there suddenly a fan and a pile of manure in this room?

So, it was quite a hectic day. I have been working on an important project for a while, and I had thought I had a week left to work on it. Through a bizarre and fortunate series of events, all of which I learned about today, I now have only tomorrow left to finish it. The good news is my application to be a peer advisor for Medieval Studies seems to have been accepted, as I was informed that I had mandatory training on Wednesday.

On a related topic, while I was waiting for my project to render in the computer lab on campus today I decided to click on all the ads that were attached to this site just to see what kind of products I am inadvertently supporting. Well, since I used an IP address that was not mine, Google's AdSense program read my browsing as legitimate hits. I returned home to find that my 15 minutes of random clicking while bored had earned $5.07!! I am very pleased by this because, since I decided to put ads on the site and donate the proceeds to charity, the site had only made $0.99. I was regretting placing the ads a little, since making an average of 4 cents per day for Habitat for Humanity is kind of pathetic, but $5 is actually no small sum.

So, in conclusion, I encourage you to click on the ads in the right column. Google will only print a check after you have made a minimum amount (I think $10), and when that happens I'll cut an equivalent check to Habitat.

Enough of me boring you, though. I encourage you to get on with your life.


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