Thursday, December 08, 2005

The End of Astronomy

After 4 years of doing it, I have finally finished teaching my last Astronomy Lab. My final thoughts? Mostly I would say it was a fantastic experience, but I do have my complaints. Towards the end of my time I began to have many philosophical disagreements with some of my coworkers. I thought that the Labs should focus on teaching telescope use and how to recognize stars, as well as getting a chance to see as much cool stuff as possible so that people for whom this is the only science class they will ever take will have a positive experience with science. Concepts, I thought, would be best taught in lecture. Oh well. Disagreements.

So, last night was the final. It was completely uneventful (except for one part of the oral test where I got to pretend to be a student who hadn't been to class). After the final we all went to Woodstocks for pizza and reviewed the evaluations. It was then that I read this evaluation.
It is always nice when people realize how much work you put into your job. Too bad they can't spell. But oh well, neither can I.
So here is the last picture of me as a Roof Helper. Tomorrow I will turn in my keys for good.

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