Sunday, December 04, 2005

A Weekend of Parties

Before I get to the fun stuff, a summary of what I did this week. I wrote term papers. That was all I did. And I still have more to do.

As a result, this weekend I cut loose. My weekend of tame partying began at Professor Roddy's house for the first Medieval studies dinner of the year. Rather than making Salmon as I normally would, I decided to be a little adventurous and cook squid again. Now we all remember what happened last time, right? Explosive bowels for two days, remember? I sure do. So this time I decided to take EXTREME care. Not only did I buy pre-cleaned squid, but I washed it again, and soaked it in salty wine to inhibit bacterial growth. Then I fried it. Now, in my last experience with frying, I lit my kitchen on fire and had to call 911. This time went far better. And the squid turned into the best fried calamari that I have ever had. Too bad it was cold and soggy by the time I got to the dinner. Here is the dinner.
Dinner was entertaining. I realized that I speak far too quietly. Every time I tried to enter into a pre-existing conversation at dinner I was interrupted. Oh well. Here we are trimming Roddy's tree. This is a proud Medieval Studies department tradition and is just one of the reasons that you should become a major.
On Saturday I woke up at 8 o'clock and began to prepare for my "Thanksgiving 2 BBQ" which I was throwing in honor of some of my international student friends. I had ambitious plans for the meal. For meats I planned the following: Chicken, Salmon, Squid, Octopus and Beef (all left to marinate in their own coustom made sauce, save the beef patties). For starches: fresh Cibatta Bread, Rice-A-Roni (a triple batch), Hamburger Buns, and the fried rice that Sung-Eun brought. For Vegetables: Kim-chee. Unless you count pumpkin pie as a vegetable (which I do). Here we are preparing the BBQ.
Lighting the BBQ.
Admiring the BBQ.
Acting stupid in the BBQ.
So anyway, once the BBQ got hot enough nearly everybody moved outside to help grill the meat.
Here are the chicken and squid. Both were fantastic. The best I have ever made. I am getting better at this BBQ thing. It was my third time making squid, and I plan on making it again. Maybe with great frequency. It was soooo good. And soooo cheap. The cheapest thing on the seafood aisle of Nugget, except the Octopus.
After grilling we all moved in side to assemble our meals. All of the food was fantastic, I thought.
Amazingly, even though we started with a lot of food, by the end of the night ALL the food was gone.
Videogames were played.
Birds were seen.
This picture has a fun story behind it. It is not every day that you get to pose with an awesome, new furnace!
More videogames were played.
I also learned the names of some of the Korean songs that I have been listening to. But that has nothing to do with this picture, in which videogames are still being played.
I don't exactly remember what the deal with this picture is.
Oh, but here is Takaya putting the solid slab of burned rice that was at the bottom of the Rice-a-Roni pan on his head. He hadn't even had any alcohol!
Very fun evening! I greatly enjoyed it. We'll have to do it again some time.

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