Sunday, April 23, 2006

Picnic Day

Given the fact that I am a non-drinker, one would think that I would be fairly bored on Picnic Day, and that the next day I would wake up relatively guilt free...unlike most of the other student aged residents of Davis. This, however, is not the case. My picnic day was fun. Finally.

So here it is, my short rendition of Picnic Day. This is a marching band.
This is Drake.
I don't even know this girl.
People watching "dog races".
Me as a cockroach.
The grass that I put in Lindsey's hair. Suprisingly, it looked good.
Boeun cooking for me, again. I will have to find some way to better show my gratitude.
Ralph with his medicinal corn bread. Boeun with her Tapokgi. The ingredients and flavors may differ, but there were other unmentionable similarities.
I promise my next bolg entry will depend less on images and more on text.


Anonymous said...

I..... love a parade
the thrills
the chills
the spills
Yes, I..... love a parade

Trenton said...

Well...I have to agree with you about parades being sort of cool...but this parade didn't exactly have "thrills, chills, and spills". Actually, come to think of it, people walking by, sometimes in interesting costumes, is more interesting than exciting.