Monday, February 20, 2006

Eating Around President's Day

Our first picture today come from something that takes up a large portion of my time but which there are not many pictures, get your mind out of the gutter! I mean the Star Wars RPG that Diego, Ralph, Rick, Sean and I play. I do not want to get into explaining exactly what the Star Wars Game is, but lets just say that it is essentially "Make Believe"” for big kids, and for us it is basically a social event. Once a week we get together for several hours, pretend to be Star Wars inspired characters of our own design. We rarely dress up. This picture is an exception.

So, on Sunday night Tomoko and Yuko came over to my house for a "Fish Eating Party"”. I picked them up, drove them to my house and gave them a tour. When the tour reached my room I opened my cabinet, removed two T-Shirts and made them put the T-Shirts on.

The shirts, custom made that afternoon, both emphasized the character "魚"”, which means "Fish". This one, Yuko's, reads "“トレントンで作った魚を食べた。まだ生きている。" This (complete with grammar mistakes) translates as "“Ate the fish made with a Trenton. Still alive."

Tomoko's reads "魚が大好きです。安全魚。" The first sentence means "Really like fish."” The second Sentence can either mean "Safe fish"” or "Safety Fish"” as I discovered. Oops. On the Front was the character for "Fish".

I was very proud of my shirts. They were fun to make and fun to give. I was also proud of the meal I prepared. Talapia, Snapper and Salmon, marinated in Tiger Sauce, Lemon Juice and Honey, all cooked on a bed of tropical salsa. Spinach salad with Walnuts, Mushrooms and Caesar Dressing. And finally, a giant pot of Rice-A-Roni.

We ate everything with chopsticks, because we could. However, Rice-A-Roni is next to impossible to eat with chopsticks, so we switched over to spoons.

A large portion of the rest of the night consisted on me trying to be entertaining. I will not disclose my tricks here, since I only have a limited number of tricks for entertaining guests and I want them to be fresh for when I need to use them on you, gentle reader. I had a good time, and I want to have dinner guests more often. I have noticed that I have an intense and growing desire to make sure that my friends have good diets. Here is the final shot from Sunday night.

I woke up this morning and looked at the metal sculpture that hangs above my head at night. It was glowing purple. Beautiful.
Anyway, after enjoying the beauty of the sun for a while I played around with Skype, did some work I have been needing to do, and set off to meet up with Kerrie, Mary and Cindy. Mary drove up from UCSB for the weekend, and on the way she picked up Cindy at UCB. I was very happy to see all of them. I felt like a dog whose master has finally come home, and if Mary were reading this she say that it's good I finally recognize what I am and that she is my master.
So, first we went to lunch, then everybody got in my car and we drove to the Jelly Belly Factory.
The Jelly Belly Factory was very crowded this time, but it wasn't bad. Here is Mary making a souvineer penny while in line.
I love the hats they give you when you take the tour.
Well, having toured the Jelly Belly Factory we were kind of out of ideas. What can you do in the Davis area when you only have 2 hours to spare? After several false starts, I drove everyone to Slide Hill Park. Here are me and Mary about to go down.
Cindy, screaming her way to the bottom.
Slide Hill Park is a blast. Anyway, after riding on the slide we were all ready to eat again. We went to Nobu's where I tried Jellyfish for the first time (unless I ate it in Korea, I don't really remember, there was so much I ate in Korea). It was fantastic! I really liked it. The rest of the meal was good too, and the company was great.
Here we are saying a temporary goodbye to eachother. I have begun planning a trip down to Santa Barbara to see Mary, probably in April. I really need to see her more often.
I came home and delivered a bag of Belly Flops to Ed'd. I then took this picture that makes him look like he is 500 pounds, and Ed'd insisted that I put it in the blog. Thus, a post that consisted almost entirely of pictures of beautiful girls ends with Ed'd looking like Jerry Springer needs to do an intervention.

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