Monday, February 06, 2006


So, spring is coming. Here is proof. Soon this will be a beautiful flower.
So, like I promised in my last entry, here is the news. On Friday Mom, Koki, Manabu, Takaya and I went shopping for my first suit.
Suit shopping was supprisingly fun, but I realized I am going to need to get hair cuts more often and shave daily.
I was supprised at the selection of suits.
After shopping we had lunch and I taught Manabu, Koki and Takaya how to check their voice mail. They had messages on their phone from October, which is why I could hardly ever get hold of them before.
Then Coffee for Mocha Jet Max.
And a short walk to the Taffy Shops in Old Town Sac.
I returned to Davis for Diego's Birthday.
It was at Cafe Italia.
The next day I went to class, stopped by Sakakibara Sensei's houe for lunch, when back to class, went back to Sakakibara Sensei's house and drank coffee with Takaya and Koki, then went to dinner with Koki, Ralph, Takaya and Mom. Then we picked up Tomoko and some of Takaya's Korean friends and went to what had been described to me as a "drinking party". And it was indeed, a drinking party. There was very little to do but drink. Luckily, I was able to talk to Tomoko for part of the time, so I was entertained. I have many pictures, but frankly, I find pictures of drunk people who I barely know as boring as I find drinking itself. Here is a picture of a fan.
This is my class. I was supposed to do a presentation about myself, so I took a photo of them to show that I like to take photos.
Then today I got up at 5:30 and went to the extention center to say goodbye to everyone. Unfortunately, Takaya gave me the wrong time, and everyone else showed up at 6:30. So by the time the people who I wanted to see showed up I was freezing and kind of craby from sitting in the car for an hour.
Me an Manabu with the sunrise.
Takaya getting on the bus.
And that is it. Takaya, Manabu and Koki have gone home to Japan. But I know that I will see them again, so while I was a little sad, I mostly felt at peace.

Besides, this week is too important for me to dwell on anything. While every second you live affects the course of your entire life, the next two weeks in particular are crucial for me.


wiseone said...

don't put yourself under too much pressure

Trenton said...

Well, I don't plan any deep sea dives this week, so there is no need to worry...