Thursday, February 02, 2006

The First Day of Feb.

It is a good thing that I never decided to peruse a career as a supervillian. The type of dedicated planning and plotting that goes through my head on a daily basis is, quite frankly, terrifying. This is even more common around birthdays and holidays. When I special even approaches I concoct numerous plans, visualize their execution, the (most of the time) scrap them all for lack of resources or skill.

Yesterday was one such day. It was Diego's Birthday. Sure enough, my grand scheme to cook Diego a fantastic multi-course breakfast was foiled by the fact that we only had eggs and frozen bread. We didn't even have butter. Lots and lots of yogurt, to be sure, but no one eats that but me.
The rest of the day was mostly uneventful. I met up with my new PAL, Haksoo, and then waited for Takaya's last "Hosei Conversation Hour" to start at 5. This is a pretty picture.
So at 5 I went over to the Silo and joined the standing-room-only crowd in breaking fire code on the second floor. I would guess that about 30 people showed up. By the way, I am slowly, slowly getting better at socializing in large crowds of people I do not know. I am very pleased about this. It is a very useful skill to be able to make small talk with people you don't know until the person you really want to talk to shows up. Speak of the devil, here is Tomoko taking a look at Takaya's rented porn.
At some future date this may become my profile picture. Future English Teacher?
And no room full of Japanese people and people learning Japanese would be complete without the part where one person takes a picture with everyone's camera. Again, I was sunburned by all of the flashes. I decide to take my own picture, and I am very happy at how it turned out. It looks like the poster for a T.V. show staring Minoru. In the background are the secondary characters.
The Hosei students will be leaving on Monday. Fortunately, I will get to spend time with them before that.

Next time, on the 6 Billionth Voice: Trenton goes suit shopping. Ed'd has a birthday! Trenton suprises his TESL class. And "Dinner?", Trenton reveals his plans. Tune in next week and hear more of my attempts to live an extraordinary life!

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