Sunday, February 12, 2006

TEFL Certified and other shenanigans

I made a wonderful discovery recently. My camera, the Pentax Optio WPi, takes the best macro zoom photos of any camera I have ever seen, even though it's distance shots tend to really suck. As a result, I have been rediscovering the wonderful universe of very close up. This is a picture of Green Tea ice cream (one of my favorites) that I took at Osaka sushi when I went with my family on Thursday night.
I have been spending money far more than I am comfortable with this quarter, but it has all been on very worth while things. Mostly my health, education or friends. Except for one thing. So, I went to dinner with Tomoko on Friday night. Well, during my drive to pick Tomoko up I drove through a yellow light. Suddenly, there was a huge flash behind me, which startled me. I realized immediately that it was probably one of Davis' new red light cameras, which fine you...$370!! If I am actually fined $370 I am going to be very confused. I distinctly remember thinking as I went through the yellow light that stopping would be impossible and that I was obeying the law. I think I will contest the ticket. $370 is how much it costs for me to eat for a month and a half. Anyway, I was not upset by the possibility of going to court at the time, and I went and had a good Thai meal with Tomoko anyway.
Brought home what was left of the Thai food to Ed'd. Thai food "makes his toes curl".
The next day was my second to last TEFL class, and at lunch time we had a fantastic potluck. It was the only potluck I have ever been to where every single food was good.
Although, it may have not been a very good idea to have such a large lunch, since my brain did not work very well for the rest of the day. Here is me with some of my classmates after lunch.
The moon when I left class.
So, on Sunday we had our "practicum", which was sort of like a final exam. Everyone in the course had to teach an English class for 10 minutes. The night before I was very stressed out. So much so, in fact, that I got a head ache and a sore throat. I finally decided to play a modified game of 20 questions where I turned guessing what was in a box into an lesson in describing objects. The Santa hat was the final touch. At the end of the class, whoever guessed what was under the Santa hat won the object.
The actual teaching part was not stressful at all, an interesting contrast with the planning stage. After I sat down the instructor came up to me and said "That was really good. No, I'm serious. For a guy who didn't know what he was doing yesterday, I'm really astounded. You should keep at this." These were the marks he gave me.
And here is the certificate I got. It probably isn't worth much, but hey, I got my money's worth of knowledge out of the course.
The final shot of the class.
After class I went over and visited grandpa Jim.
Then went to Ryan's family's house for dinner. Which was also really good, although I was on the verge of sleep for half of the time I was there.
So what is next? Well, I still want to learn how to do massage, mom wants me to take accounting, I'd like to do EMT training, volunteer locally and travel around California a little. So this week I am back to my plan making. TTFN.


Anonymous said...

great job in the class did your dad get his rating?

Trenton said...

Uh, yeah he did creepy anonymous person who seems to know more about me and my family than I remember letting people know. Glad to help.

Thanks, by the way!