Thursday, March 30, 2006

Mild Shenanigans with Cousins

A very calm week. Between cleaning my house, my car and my yard, a few things of significance did manage to happen. To begin, Manabu went home to Japan, but not before Sachiyo and I could write going away messages as he slept. Manabu is a very sound sleeper.
The next day I drove him to SFO.
Where we saw him off. I would be willing to make a substantial wager that Manabu will be back, maybe not soon, but he will return. He is too Hawaiian to not end up in Hawaii.
Afterwards I went to pick up Ryan, who is in San Francisco, and we went to Japantown.
I've seen worse, believe it or not.
Returned to Davis, and was visited by Oriana and Josh. Went to Indian food, watched "God of Cookery". Josh, by the way, is wondering what to do with his hair. Feel free to leave comments. Josh checks my blog on a regular basis, so he will be sure to see them.
The next day I drove up to Napa and had dinner. On the way back mom called us when we were in Fairfield from Kira's phone, which we drove all the way back to Napa to get.
Yup. There is not much to this post. But check back next week, because my stories are about to get good again.


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Zia said...

I saw the first comment and wondered if that had anything to do with your hair. I think you are just going to have to grow it out a bit. Maybe long in a ponytail.

Trenton said...

First message: wow, how do they find me.

Second message: wow, Josh with a ponytail.