Saturday, March 11, 2006

Robber Barons and Radio

I have only one more week of school. Less than 150 hours. Only one more of each of my classes. Only two more days of actual class.

I think I will attend my last class in costume.

Anyway. These are the plans of the future, and first let us speak of the recent past. This week was mostly uneventful. I met more people on Wednesday. I hung out with Sung Eun on Thursday. I ordered a laptop on Thursday night to replace my desktop, which I am going to sell.

The weekend for me began with a trip to Sutter's Fort with Manabu on Friday. Here are the gates of the fort.
I have been to Sutter's Fort before, but as a very small child. Comming back, I was actually very disappointed. Not only was everything smaller than I remember, but my greater knowledge of the world made it so that less of the fort was cool. At that time I remember thinking "Cannon! Cool!", this time I thought "Cannon. For killing Native Americans. *sigh*". Still, Sutter was an interesting fellow. He ran things intelligently, despite his orders to "pacify" the local people.
Here is Manabu at the fort.
And me, looking a little upset. But, without Sutter, I would not exist.
The evening of Friday the 10th was also the quarterly Medieval Studies dinner. Quite good, the food. Good conversation.
So, on Saturday Drake came and picked me up and we went over to someone-who-I-don't-know's house and worked to make signs for KDVS, 90.3 in Davis (the radio station where Drake is the News Director). Well, Drake did the work. I sat there and held his caulk. Here is Drake saying "I MADE this. I'm a bad-ass" with his eyes.
This is beautiful.
So was this.
After the signs were made we BBQed.
And then we went over to KDVS, where I recorded myself speaking Pidgin to introduce the Sonny Lin CD! Maybe my voice will be on the radio! I am very excited. Sadly, the only radio that I own is the one in my car, and I am not going to sit in my car until I hear myself.
This week will be eventful. Expect many pictures and good stories.

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