Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Next To Last Day Of College

It wasn't quite a costume, but it sure was fun to make my "last day of school" shirt. A little sharpie goes a long way. Anyway, yes, today was my last full day in class at UC Davis. LAST DAY OF CLASS. I felt so good last night that I when I at Longs buying my Sharpies I also bought 3 bags of Dove chocolate to give to people on the bus the next day.
Well, I got on the bus, looking much like I do in the picture below. Nobody wanted to take my chocolate. What the heck?! Do people not like chocolate? Actually, I asked some of the people on the bus why they didn't want chocolate, and I realized it was because they thought I was either crazy or selling something. Yup. That's California for you.
Anyway, I finally got some people to take some chocolate. I then went to my last abs class. I can now say that on my last full day of school I screamed "dying turtle!!!" in front of class. Next I went to my English class, and when I got out a gargantuan thunderstorm was in the process of hitting Davis. Well, I was supposed to meet with Sung Eun later that day for lunch, so I went home and got my car to pick her up.
By the time I got to her place the thunderstorm was gone and the weather was some of the most beautiful weather that we have had all year. We went to Nobu's sushi, and had a suprisingly filling lunch.
The only other class that I had today was my Canterbury tales class, which I made it through. After class I stood on the desk, just like I had always wanted to do.
And what made this day even better was the fact that as soon as I got home my new computer arrived. It is a week early! And it is sexy! I already have a crush on it, and I feel like, as we get to know eachother better we will probably fall in love.

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Mom said...

You are nutty.

Which, of course, I love.