Monday, July 10, 2006

I am going to live in Shibukawa, Gunma-ken!!!

At last, I have heard back from the recruitment department at Interac!! And here is the news that everyone (especially me) has been waiting to hear for months: my future place of residence will be somewhere in Shibukawa (渋川市), which is a town in Gunma-ken!! I will be teaching elementary school (which will sure be challenging)!!

Here is a link to a Google Map of Shibukawa. As you can see, it is the exact center of Japan! I may have to take up skiing again, after all! Oh, here is the wikipedia article

I am very excited about this placement. It is basically exactly what I wanted: a suburban area that has access to both nature and city in the Kanto area. Getting to Narita airport from Shibukawa won't be much different then getting to SFO from Davis in terms of both time and price! Also, this means I will be relatively close to all of my friends in Japan, but especially close to Keiko (who also lives in Gunma-ken). I hope she doesn't get sick of me...

There are only two potential downsides to this placement. 1) I am going to be a little cold this winter. 2) Where am I going to buy Kim-chee?

I am so happy about this I can't even really express it. Add it to the list of how lucky I am...


Anonymous said...

hip hip hur-ray hip hip hur-ray
in a few weeks you'll be on your way
I'm happy for you I would like to say
now your next task is a place to stay

Trenton said...

Finding a place
doesn't look like a chore.
It seems in this town
paying less gets you more!

"Yon Man, Go Sen En!?!"
for a 2LDK!
It's just getting better and better

Thanks anonymous poet.