Saturday, August 20, 2005

Days That I Will Forget In A Month

So allow me to begin with some family reunion pictures just because I know some of you will be very curious to see them. I am working on putting together a site with all the pictures on it, but it is taking me a while because, quite frankly, I am bored by most of the pictures I took. I took all my photos with maximum zoom so I wouldn't have to bother with having people pose for the camera. Big mistake. The lighting on almost all of them came out terribly as a result. Here are mom and dad. Both look thrilled.
The kids were good subjects for photography.
Here is what it looked like.
And here is Nick.
So, there is almost nothing else going on in my life. I have been cleaning the house and organizing my stuff. On Thursday I got so bored that I decided to put on a costume while I sprayed insecticide around the house just so I would feel like something interesting happened that day.
I kept the costume on for some of the yard work I did later. Yes, that is indeed a Spanish flag I am wearing as a cape.
Despite my best efforts, I was not able to make the day interesting. I want to take another trip.

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Anonymous said...

i dunno, i think wearing a spanish flag as a cape is interesting indeed!