Monday, August 08, 2005

Resting in Hawaii

So, I haven't been doing much in Hawaii. Sleeping, eating, visiting with family, and getting all the business that I could not do while in Asia done. I have not been able to go Kayaking as much as I would like because the wind has not been onshore. We have also had tons of fires this year, which means great sunsets.
However, my cousin Vanessa is here from Oregon/California for the first time in a while. So we went to the beach and made a fairly lame sandcastle. It was fun to make, but it wasn't much of a castle. As I was leaving I signed over the deed to a little kid who was passing by.
Here is the dog sleeping at the foot of my bed. That is because, secretly, she likes me best. I feed her treats on the sly.
See, the posts get boring when I am lounging around. I'll be back in Davis soon (on the 12th of August), and looking for someone who can teach me Korean.


you_know_who said...

While you're at it, why don't you get someone to teach you English? (Epilogue.) JUST KIDDING!!! Miss ya lot, Trenton. I'm in LA for the next two weeks, I'll give you a call sometime soon and we catch up.

Trenton said...

David (see, I know who), actually, you have no idea how right your jest is. I am thinking of going for my TEFL (Teaching English as a Foriegn Language) certification in September. So I will be being taught English in order to teach it. Scary thought, eh? Especially when I dont know for sure whether the i comes before the e in "Foreign" or not.

I come back to CA on the 12th, but have a family reunion till the 14th. But expect my phone to be on starting the 12th.

David said...

Well, I'll talk to you then. You know, I said it before, and I'll say it again, if you like photography, and you like being creative, you might want to consider a professional career as a cinematographer or a still photographer. I can't tell you how much fun going to college for practical (yet creative) skills has been, a total change from the papers and discussion sections of undergrad.

If you do end up doing some ESL/TEFL work, I think you'll be ideal for it, given your patience and rapport with the exchange students I've seen, and your curiosity and respect for their culture. I heard from the director of a Teach English in China program that the biggest problem he faced were teachers who wanted to impose their culture on their students. You clearly wouldn't have that problem.

You spelled foreign correctly, by the way. I could say something about "be being taught," but that's grammar and I'm not ready to open up that can of worms.

Trenton said...

Uh, "be being taught" is an, er, Hawaiian idoim. Yeah. I'm trying to preserve Hawaiian culture by popularizing the local dialect.

Actually, I probably meant to type something else and forgot what I was writing.

Cinematography would be cool, and I would love to do some photography professionally. But my dream is still to be the white guy who acts (badly) in asian movies.

Trenton said...

By the way David, keep watching because I submitted a ton of pictures that are WAY better than the stuff they have been showing.

SOUL SOUL BREAK (the dust which is corrupted is full)

Anonymous said...
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Takashi said...

Oh you will study Korean eh? You will be busy from languages!! Take it easy. You are going back to Davis on 12th? mmmm what a fun...