Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Failed Raid

Well, let's see. Have I done anything noteworthy in the last few days? Actually, skip that question. I don't like the answer.

But to begin I would like to tell you about a very strange discovery I made this morning. Having almost finished organizing my room, I came across my Kanji flash cards. I began to read them. I suddenly realized that I was having more fun than I had had on my own in a week! Since when did studying Japanese become one of my favorite activities!? I only began to study Japanese so hard last year because I needed to pass it. I think this makes it the ONLY time that something I NEEDED to do became something I LIKE to do. I don't even enjoy sleeping and eating that much, to tell you the truth, and those are the things that most people need to do but still enjoy. Maybe because I am not allowed to take any more Japanese classes I am even more attracted to it. Or maybe I'm just nuts.

Confirming the latter suspicion is the story of what I did last night. Bryn, Rachel, Greg and I went on a raid to kidnap Kyle (another one of our coworkers) from his house. While not as prepared as we have been on other occasions, our planning was, nonetheless, flawless.

Or so we thought. Unfortunately, no one had called to see if Kyle was in town, and we arrived to find a dark and uninhabited apartment. So we put Duct Tape over the entrance, just because we had nothing else to do.
Greg then came to the conclusion that it was possible that Kyle had gone home to Kenya, a thought which made Bryn quite distraught, resulting in the pleading chalk message you see below.

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Anonymous said...

Hurray for foreign languages! I study Italian for fun, so I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes I go to SF's North Beach and speak Italian at the cafes. You should do that too (not Italian, not North Beach, but somewhere Japanese people go).

BTW I just came back from a road trip to Seattle and Vancouver. It was awesome!