Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Rap and ぬいぐるみ

So, to begin with, it finally happened. I was listening to NPR yesterday, as I frequently do when driving, when something happened that we all knew would happen eventually. I tuned in just in time to hear the announcer say "You're listening to Talk of the Nation, my guest today is Grand Master Flash..." So, it is official. Some Rap is now considered classical music. Just like Futurama predicted.

Anyway, the place where I was driving to was campus in order to pick up Ralph (who I have been spending a lot of time with because I finally got to the point where I am entirely comfortable with him, and, like me, he has very little to do this summer). Ralph has been trying to fix his car, and I have been taking him wherever he needs to go because it's fun for me to hang out. So yesterday we went to Sacramento to stop by his house and pick up a part he needed. I just discovered "Skype", so I was interested in going to Fry's Electronics afterwards to pick up some headphones and a microphone. Well, after dropping off Ralphs brothers we went to Fry's... but only after a detour that I have chosen to omit the details of so as not to embarrass Ralph (who has been good enough to read my blog on occasion) too much.

But why do I tell this story? Skype. What a cool program! Easier for me to use than AIM, with all the functions of AIM, but allowing me to call anywhere in the world like it is a local call. For 2 days in a row I have already talked to Takashi and Yuichi in Japan for free! Stupendous way to practice Japanese! And since I don't have to use my cell phone, I don't get that headache that I always get after using a cell phone for 10 minutes.

So, today I went and visited Grandpa Jim. I took over my computer to show him slides of my trip, but the poor guy had to take medication that made him drowsy while he was there. Oh well, I don't care that we didn't finish the slides (because he began to fall asleep) because now I have another excuse to visit again.

The only other thing that has happened recently that I consider to be significant is that I sat down and had a chat with Thunder, my stuffed yellow dinosaur. He was complaining to me that I am more fun now that I was as a little kid, but these days he is too old to keep up with me. Not only that, most of the stuff I do now he just doesn't understand, and being he is not really a fan of having adventures, he felt like even though I was happier he didn't really feel as close to me as he used to. I reassured him that he didn't need to adapt to fit my changed demeanor, and that there would probably always be a part of me that was the same as before. That reassured him, I think. Still, we have agreed that he should sleep at the top of my bed rather than on the shelf like he used to because there is no denying that we have in fact become a little distant.

What? You don't talk to the stuffed animals you had when you were a kid?


Anonymous said...

What do you think Lightening is doing?

Kira said...

Don't worry trenton. I'll be home soon and then you can have the joy of 1. a wonderful little sister
2. driving her to napa
and 3. helping her move

Aren't you excited

Anonymous said...

he's on the beach...Lightening is