Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Epilouge of My Asian Adventure

Well, I made it home in one piece. Barely. I am totally broke. While there is still a little bit of money in my bank account, I spent every single yen that I had. I barely had enough to get to the airport, and I didn't have enough money to buy breakfast on the 3rd (in Japan). Luckily, I met up with Takashi and he was so generous and bought me a splendid breakfast. But more on that in a bit. First, some backlogged pictures...

So this is Hotel Dandy, the hotel that I said before was kind of sleezy and built on top of a pachinko hall and hostess bar.
And this is the beach in Kamakura. Loaded with swimers.
Mt. Fuji from the beach in Kamakura.
So on the 3rd (in Japan) in the morning I met up with Takashi. We planned to meet at the main exit of Harajuku station, but I got lost and went to the secondary exit. Stupid me. He then treated me to breakfast, and we walked around Harajuku, then took the train to Shibuya. Here is us in front of the famous statue of the waiting dog in Shibuya, a favorite meeting spot. For some reason it smelt like feces near the statue. Probably sombody was made to wait too long and had to make use of the bushes. Yeah right. Not in Japan.
This picture was hard to get. I had to take it from the middle of the street. It is of the famous (or infamous) 109 building, a mecca for "hip" young Japanese females.
So, we toured Shibuya, went to Ueno, walked around a bit in the park admireing the living conditions that the homeless people there had made for themselves and got my stuff. After furious repacking, I got on my train. I left for the airport 5 hours before my flight was set to take off, and got there 4 hours before boarding. But man did I time it right, because when I got there this was the line I had to get in.
Now, the picture cannot show it, but the line was, I am guessing, a quarter mile long. It was about the same size as a track for races in the US! The line took 2 hours, so the time I got to the front was exactly the time I had to check in.

After what felt like I short flight, I arrived in Honolulu. And from there I came over to the Big Island. I met my mom at the airport and we went out to lunch at the resturant where my sister works. Then I came home. This is our dog.
Our porch.
Our Bay.
And that is it. I'm home! It was the best trip of my life, but comming home always feels great.


Takashi said...

the outlook from your house is soooooo cool!!!
it was really nice to see you again!! Whenever you come to Japan, let me know. I am going to work where we had breakfast.

Anonymous said...

welcome back! your trip sounds awesome. i would have felt so incredibly out of place, it must have been scary and exciting and all the things in-between. i do believe that i will have to visit japan someday. =)

must be nice to end your vacation by returning home to *paradise*!