Friday, June 17, 2005

I'm off

Alright, I'm well enough. I'm headed to Fukuoka.


Anonymous said...

Safe travels to Fukuoka and splurge on your next bento. Keep in touch tell us how Korea goes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Trenton,
This is Oriana and Vanessa and Nick and Mom and Dad and Bob and Lynn. We have just figured out how to use this blog site thing and have just now read the entire thing. Lynn and Bob want to know where their assisstant chef is (tonight is the night of the block party) but Dad says that you must be having fun (judging by the picture of the attractive female that you sat next to on the train). Vanessa says that I shouldn't have said that (it is very difficult to write comments for a group of seven). Mom says we care and your stories are funny, except the last one, that sounds wretched.
hope you are well,
love, the seven