Sunday, June 12, 2005

So after everything was done we all went back to Kyoko's house again to drink and eat some more. I got in a long conversation with Iida-san on the left, in which I think we discussed travel. My Japanese wasn't quite up to his level, and I got about 40% of what he said, but luckly he had had enough wiskey to find me intresting. Moto-san is the guy on the right, and after we had basicly run out of energy we went over to the bakery of he and Sanae's son. That was sure an intresting shop. We ordered bread and hour ahead of time, and when we got there it still hadn't been put in the oven, so he gave us all the bread in the bakery: 4 buns with miscelaneous fillings and a piece of Foccicia bread, which he gave to John instead of the guy that had been waiting for service since before we got there.

So, the verdict for today: excelent. I like Kamakura. It's like Hawaii, but I get to practice Japanese. By the way, why does my left eye scrunch up when I honestly smile?

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