Saturday, June 11, 2005

Sendai is a great place to go for free...

So, last night I decided "Tomorow I think I'll go to Sendai, after all, I have a Rail Pass, so I can go for free." So today at 4:50 AM I left the house with my camera bag packed with the supplies I would need for the day: two handy wipes, a camera, a book on Kanji, a phrase book, a book for my summer class, the Rough Guide to Japan, extra batteries, my rail pass and small gifts that I could give to anybody I met who was nice.

After some worrying, but no real problems, I found my way to Tokyo station and bought my first Shinkansen (bullet train) ticket, which I actually didn't buy, as all my train trips are free. I then purchased my first Bento, shown in the picture.

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