Sunday, June 19, 2005

Still in Fukuoka

So Im sorry, I still cant post pictures (this computer doesnt even have proper punctuation, let alone a USB port).

I spent all day in Fukuoka looking around the city abd searching for a better gift for Lynns mom, with no sucess. Its hard to shop for a person who you have never met, from a diffrent culture.

Anyway, Fukuoka is great. The highlight of my day was when I found the old wall the Japanese built to defend against the Mongol invasions in the basement of a University I happend to be going through on my way to Fukuoka Tower (which was also cool).

In between the two I had my first set of English students come up to me for an interview. For some reason, when I am doing anything that is important, like paying for something or asking an important question my Japanese totally breaks down, but if Im just shooting the breeze it gets really good. Will have to do something about that.

Well, Ill explain more when the pictures return. Take Care everyone. And if any of the men in the audiance have a desire to come to Japan, I bought a card that allows you to stay at hotel Cabinas for 21 dollars a night. Access to the spa (which is the best I have ever seen, but thats me, not being from Japan) is included with your stay. Also, the pillows here arent as hard as car tires...but there is a story behind that.


David said...

This is cool! I feel like this is MST3000 and we're in the audience commenting on your life! Except, unlike Space Mutiny, your life is neither poorly acted nor accompanied by background music that sounds like Kitaro fell asleep at his keyboard.

Anyway, I left my coat and cookbooks at the Davis house, so I'll either pick them up when I visit in August or write you a check so you can ship them to my family's house in So-Cal. Other than that the move-out was fine.

Oh, and you gotta see Batman Begins. Three words: Best. Batman. Ever.

Anonymous said...

where are you????????
Need some questions answered.

Kira said...

eh, butt munch... update.

I love you and take care of yourself,

your favorite sister


oh and i agree with David... Batman is very good