Tuesday, June 28, 2005

So the next day we went to the fish market. This was definitely the most interesting fish market I have ever been to, because about half of everything you could buy was still alive. Tons of octopus, tons of shellfish, sea cucumbers, starfish, and so much more. Although it was kind of depressing also, because unlike other fish markets where everything has already been killed, in this one you could see the killing taking place. About half way through the fish market, Lynn said that there was also whale meat, and asked if I wanted to try it. I hesitantly agreed. We sat down at table in front of a large pile of what looked like very thick tire segments. She negotiated with the shop owner and we were amazed to find out how expensive it was. 10,000 won (about 10 dollars) for ten quarter sized pieces. I kind of wanted to use the price as an excuse to leave, since I was beginning to feel really guilty, but the shop owner had already begun cutting one of the pieces of meat that she had. She served us and I sat there looking at the meat for around a minute. Finally, I tried some. It tasted like overcooked duck meat, and was very chewy. I can’t see why people like it, but I guess they do. I really didn’t want to eat all ten pieces, and neither did Lynn, but I would have felt more guilty letting it go to waste, so I ate it all. With each bite I thought of the beautiful humpbacks that breach near my house. When I was done, I felt kind of sick to my stomach.

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