Wednesday, June 15, 2005

So anyway, back to Nagano. I once again got up at 5 AM and went to Tokyo station where I bought the very first Shinkansen ticket to Nagano. I bought my Bento and borded my train. The guy who was sitting next to me seemed very unfriendly, so after failing to start up a conversation with him, I began to eat my Bento. At the next station, the girl in the picture bellow came up to me an tried to explain (in English) that I was in her seat. I was preaty positive that I wasn't, and said so in Japanese. On closer inspection it turned out that she was supossed to sit next to me instead of Mr. Grumpy Face. We struck up a good conversation in Japanese which lasted the entire train trip. Her name is Emi, and she was traveling to Nagano for vacation. When we got to the station she was nice enough to help me find my way around, although, I did not entirely understand what was going on.

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