Wednesday, June 08, 2005

My First Post (um, go to the bottom and read up)

So I got to Shinagawa Station, and then managed to get totally flustered. I spent 10 minutes trying to weave my way through people to the exit which I could see only 100 meters away! By the time I got out I decided to scrap the idea of taking a train to Roppongi and decided to just take a Taxi. The Taxi cost 1260 yen and it was worth it. We started driving through streets I knew, at which point I asked the driver to stop and let me out. I then climed the hill to the Alkire's house. Upon getting there, out of breath, I was supprised to find that there was a small get together going on for the purpose of watching the world cup match between North Korea and Japan. I could only stay up till 9 pm, at which point I crashed.

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