Tuesday, June 28, 2005

So after being treated to a great dinner, we returned to the apartment with a different dog then we left with. Lynn�s parents also had a dog, but it needed a friend, so we were bringing Machi (a puppy) to them. The poor little guy had never been away from his brothers and sisters, so he was a little scared. Anyway, we left with Lynn�s friend Jay and went to the Jim Ju Ban (I hope I spelled it right this time). The Jim Ju Ban is a Korean style sauna which was open for 24 hours. For a very small amount of money you can go into a massive facility and stay for as long as you like. Jay and I went and showered and then met Lynn in the mixed sex area. It looked like a ballet studio, except on the walls were doors to different temperature rooms, there was a bar, and there were a lot of people sleeping on the hardwood floor. I tried all of the rooms, although at first it was a little difficult, I got to the point where I could remain in the same room as Lynn and Jay and not need to leave until they did. Since I had been told we would be staying here overnight, I asked where we would be sleeping. I was told we would be sleeping on the floor, and that I could use a pillow if I wanted to. I was very hesitant, but I was told that Koreans commonly sleep on such hard surfaces, and since it was a new cultural experience, I did it. I slept the entire night, and woke up feeling great. I think it is because the sauna leaves you so exhausted that your body does not fight the floor that it becomes so comfortable. The next morning we all arose and took baths. I also went into a room that was 92 degrees C. That was too hot. Anyway, I have never been as clean as when I left the Jim Ju Ban that morning.

Lynn had an appointment to get her hair straitened (which confused me, as it was already strait, but indeed, it was straighter and blacker than before), so she told me to ask Koreans in English the location of a park. Unfortunately, I immediately forgot the name of the park, and instead took a subway to the center of Seoul and visited one of the palaces of one of the old Korean kingdoms.

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