Thursday, June 09, 2005

So I thought this was kind of interesting.

So I should have realized when I saw this that I had wandered into the Red Light district. However, it took until I rounded the corner before I realized it. Roppongi is still hopping at 5:30 AM, and I have to say that I'm glad I went when I did.

Clearly the clientele of the area is composed in large part by foreigners, since I had 4 Chinese women come up to me and offer me マサージ. It was about then that I realized that マサージ was probably not what I was looking for. I tried to politely explain that I was not interested, but the last woman was quite persistent. I think I finally confused her when I asked her for directions to Roppongi Hills, at which point she realized that I was not a potential customer. I thanked her and wished her luck and was on my way. However, while I was talking to that woman, another woman had put her hand in my pocket either to give me a free sample, or more likely, to look for my wallet. I gently extracted her hand, bowed to both of them and thanked my foresight for having kept my money in a money belt.


Mom said...

What does it say on the side of this box? It looks like Indescent litter ????? box"

Trenton said...

It is a place for you to put all of the pornographic flyers that people just gave you.