Thursday, June 30, 2005

Today`s Plan

So Kari and I have been attending the live concerts that are held on the quad of the campus we are on everyday. On Wednesday we were invited to see the concert of Chiaki, who we had just met, so today, provided the rain in not as severe as yesterday, I plan to go to that. After that our group is going to Kyoto to see the imperial villa.

Anyway, last night we threw a suprise party for two other members of our group, Cindy and Grace. Very fun party, but not enough pizza to go around.

So here is another thing I have observed: the students here dont seem to study as much as us, but they are really serious about thier club activities. I have not seen anyone studying, but the music club has been there everyday, working for hours to set up and take down the stage. And the Intercultural Communication Culb that some of our toutors are a part of seems to take up alot of thier time.

On another note, I just discovered that I was in such a rush to leave the building and beat the rain today that I totally forgot to put on deodorant. *sigh* 恥ずかしい。

감자함니다. <---Hey Lynn, I learned how to type!


Trenton said...

By the way, Happy Canada Day.

sOhYuNkIm said...

not 감자.합니다 but 감사.합니다.